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 What EP-Pro Cosmetics mean? The brand name stands for “ESCARLE PACHECO PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS”. Escarle Pacheco is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist and she is the brand founder of EP- PRO COSMETICS.

From a childhood dream and after years of diverse work experiences and from the beauty retail sales floor in Sydney, Australia, to metamorphosing a makeup brand.  I love beauty since I remember, I will say probably at the age of 7 years, I recall watching the butterflies and believe that eyeshadows were made out of their beautiful radiant colours.

My career in beauty began at age 14 after completing hairdressing studies, ever since I have been timeless preparing myself through many years of work experience, gathering knowledge through formal studies, and representing as a makeup artist consultant some of the most prestigious leaders’ companies in the beauty industry such as L’Oréal, Stee Lauder, Clarins, etc.

I proudly formalised many years of learning process by introducing my makeup line which reflects my love and passion for makeup and my visual perception of what beauty is about.

EP- PRO COSMETICS is about creative expression, beauty style, and confidence, a brand that helps to enhance beauty and creativity while caring for the skin.


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EP- PRO COSMETICS makeup brand promises to create makeup products that meet all features of modern cosmetics and care of the skin, products that help to maintain skin natural moisture while provides effortless coverage. Operated in Australia and Canadian-made, our promise is to ensure a high standard of quality products and deliver modern professional cosmetics, with long durable stay on effect, highly pigmented, free of paraffin, animal cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly products packaging to reduce your footprint on our planet.




Is creating quality products with years of industry knowledge and experience so that you can set out to achieve your creative expression dream. The importance of diversity in EP-PRO COSMETICS users across the globe, I understand makeup is a celebration of artistic expression from all ages, genders, and cultures, and skills.

EP-PRO COSMETICS holds responsibility and commitment to delivering quality cosmetic products and high customer service satisfaction every time.  We value customer feedback to improve our products or service.

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