Escarle Pacheco is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, born in Latin America and is the brand founder of EP-PRO COSMETICS.

Escarle’s beauty career began at a young age of 14 years old, when she became an assistant and mentee by an Italian hairdresser and makeup artist Angelo. Well-known in the 1990s for his work in TV, fashion and entertainment and as an owner of a prestige hair boutique salon based in her home town Maracaibo, Venezuela. Ever since she was introduced to the makeup world, Escarle’s passion and interest to be a makeup artist have grown stronger throughout her life.

After moving to Sydney Australia in 2006, Escarle has worked towards attaining her formal makeup and hairstyling qualifications. Since then, she has been tireless pursuing her career in the makeup artistry industry with her dream of one day creating her makeup brand.

Many years of working in the industry as both a freelance makeup artist and representing distinguished makeup cosmetics fashion brands such as AVEDA, YSL, GIORGIO ARMANI, MAC and BURBERRY has helped Escarle identify areas for innovation in the makeup world.

EP-PRO COSMETICS brings the best of innovation in the modern makeup cosmetics line in combination with today’s hottest makeup trends and fashion.

EP PRO COSMETICS is Australia designed, Canada made leading professional cosmetics brand, celebrates the makeup artistry and the multifariousness of a modern makeup brand led by an industry professional.

We place great pride in creating quality high pigmented, long lasting makeup products that also cares for the users’ skin, paraben-free and is animal cruelty free. At EP Pro Cosmetics, we use environmentally friendly product packaging to reduce our footprint on our planet. 



At EP -PRO COSMETICS, we are committed to bringing high quality, reliable and innovative products. Our goal is to become a leading brand in the beauty industry. We are dedicated to creating products that use high-quality natural raw materials.



EP-PRO COSMETICS is committed to creating animal cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly products packaging to reduce our footprint on our planet.

EP-PRO COSMETICS holds responsibility and commitment to delivering quality cosmetic products and high customer service satisfaction every time.




Creating quality products with years of industry knowledge and experience so that you can set out to achieve your creative expression dreams.

The importance of diversity in EP-PRO COSMETICS users across the globe, we understand makeup is a celebration artistic expression from all ages, genders and cultures and skills.

Customer feedback to improve our products or service.