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About us

EP-Pro Cosmetics Founder

Who we are?

EP-PRO COSMETICS is an Australian owned and designed. Our industry leading professional cosmetics brand celebrates make up artistry and the multifariousness of a modern makeup brand led and driven by an industry professional.

As a brand we are known for our innovative approach to cosmetics and our broadly diverse product offering. Including breakthrough products that have been revolutionised the make up industry with a modern approach to makeup.

The origins of EP-Pro Cosmetics

EP-Pro Cosmetics Blush

EP-Pro Cosmetics is eponymous being named after the founder Escarle Pacheco


Escarle Pacheco is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. She has created EP-Pro Cosmetics unique formulas with her years of industry experience. 

With a drive to revolutionise the make up industry, Escarle has curated formulas with infused with natural ingredients. Providing long lasting wear without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Using hydrating and nourishing ingredients. EP-Pro Cosmetics leaves your skin smoother and softer without damage. While providing you with an enviable, professional make up finish.

“Where everything began.”

From a childhood dream, Escarle spent years building a diverse range of work experience in the beauty industry. In her early years on the beauty sales floor in Sydney, Australia, to metamorphosing an industry leading makeup brand. 

“I have loved beauty for as long as I remember. One of my earliest memories at 7 years old, is watching butterflies. Their wings were so beautiful and I believed that eyeshadow was made from their beautiful radiant colours.”

My career in beauty began at the age of 14 when I completed hairdressing studies. Since then, I have been tirelessly preparing myself through many years of work experience. Gathering knowledge through formal studies, and professional development.

During my career as a make up artist, I have represented many prestigious beauty brands as a consultant. Including L’Oréal, Estee Lauder, and Clarins, just to name a few.

Reflecting my love and passion for make up and my visual perception of what beauty encompasses. I proudly formalized many years of experience and education by introducing my own make up line. 

My cosmetics range has started with a blush, lipsticks, lip glosses and liquid lipstick.

EP-PRO COSMETICS is about creative expression, beauty style, and confidence, a brand that helps to enhance beauty and creativity while caring for the skin.

EP-Pro Cosmetics Founder

EP-Pro Cosmetics: Our Quality Commitment

EP-Pro Cosmetics Satin Lipstick
We place great pride in creating high quality products, with deeply pigmented formulas. That will in turn, offer a long-lasting stay application. That is nourishing, hydrating and repairing on the skin.
Our passion is to produce products that can adapt to the latest make up trends. With all the needs and demands expected from a modern make up brand. While above all else, embracing the importance of caring for the skin at the same time. 
We ensure that our products are manufactured using the latest techniques. With hand-selected, natural raw materials to produce a professional quality product.

Our care an commitment extends beyond our products and into our packaging. We have carefully researched to ensure, we use environmentally friendly packaging. To reduce our footprint and to contribute to the care and preservation of our planet. 

EP-Pro Cosmetics is 100% cruelty-free – we care so much for the planet and animals that we decide to create a brand that you can wear and enjoy without harming animals.



EP-Pro Cosmetics: Our Social Commitments


As a brand, we are committed to placing ourselves within the market as on the best innovate trustworthy brand, which can fulfill our clients/ audience needs or demand for innovated cosmetics product; By no exhaust our research process and pursuing the aim to place ourselves as one the best product in within the beauty industry, we are dedicated to maintaining a selective selection of high-quality natural raw, material for our products.


We are committed to producing, animal cruelty-free products. While using only environmentally friendly products and packaging; to contribute to preserving and caring for our planet.

EP-Pro Cosmetics: Values and Commitment To You

EP-PRO COSMETICS holds responsibility and commitment to delivering consumer products and service satisfaction every time, care and listen to clients, support our industry professionals through and being a brand that is all about sharing our knowledge and years of experience in this with our audience, celebrate multiculturalism, genders and is all about skills and creativity.  

We celebrate you and your individuality; we create cosmetics accessible for everyone. Makeup is a playground and yours are the play of the game. Play with colours and make your custom products unique like you. As a brand, we appreciate our customers, individuality and we offer a wide range of top-quality products to meet a wide range of needs.